Is It Really Worth It? (Or; The Comic Con 2014)

The SDCC is happening this week, and once again without me…

But don’t cry for me, Argentina!

If you haven’t known by now, there are many drawbacks to the San Diego Comic Con. Here’s one from their website:

"All event and program rooms have limited capacity as set by the Fire Marshal. Even though your badge is needed to get into all events, it does not guarantee you access to any event if it has reached its capacity. We do not clear rooms between events. Most autograph signings are of a limited nature. Your badge does not guarantee autographs at any event.”

I currently work in the security biz. Concern for the safety of the attendees is understandable. Also, talent schedules/commitments tend to also get in the way. That is understandable too. If I have to be at work at a certain agreed-on time, I have to be there at that time! No ifs, ands, or buts! But, here is where it is not worth it: If you are lucky enough to get your badges to attend the con…I mean very lucky! You spend a shitload of money to book the hotel (As of 7/21/2014, there will not be any rooms available in that area [for a reasonable price] until September…Sep-fucking-tember!), and travel 2500+ miles (based out of Milwaukee), then get turned away at every presentation you want to see.

You could be just spending the entire con weekend standing in line, getting turned away, and eating your heart out while your buds brag about what they got to see, but you couldn’t. Then ask yourself if you actually had the intention to travel all those miles and spend all of that money to not really see anything except a bunch of others in costumes [who also got turned away], the crowded hallways, and/or the bottom of a never-ending pint, glass or bottle of whatever at a hotel bar.

Then, there is this:

"Please keep in mind…

• Seating in all event rooms at Comic-Con is on a first-come, first-served basis…”

If you are lucky to get in, you may be stuck waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy in the back or what is commonly known as section BFE or section CSS (“Butt Fuck Egypt” or “Can’t See Shit”) where the only view you get is the back of many heads. If you are under 6 feet like I am, it is just not worth it!

And then:

"• In the primary programming room area (Rooms 2 through 9 on the top level of the Convention Center), the four hallways leading into these rooms have been designated as either entrance only or exit only.

Loooooooooooooooooooooooong ass lines! Each passing minute pretty much increases the chances of getting turned away if you are not there very early. If you are in the back of the line, turn around and go get a tall glass of your favorite heavy fuel from the bar. You ain’t getting in!

And…Hall H:

"• There are restrooms in Hall H. When you are facing the stage, the restrooms are to your right. If you leave the hall—for any reason—you may not be allowed back in or you may have to get in line to get back in. Again, because of Fire Marshal rules, this policy will be strictly enforced, with no exceptions.”

Better have a catheter, colostomy bag, and/or diapers! I’m sure the cast of The Simpsons, The Walking Dead, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Gotham, Arrow, Bob’s Burgers, Agents Of SHIELD, and the persons next to you do not want to see or smell some guy soiling/wetting himself. We’re pretty much certain the cleaning crew does not get any joy out of cleaning excrement/urine from the seats. Don’t even mention the delay this will cause because of the clean up! If you gotta go-you gotta go! Hold it, you say? Not worth the damaged kidneys or impacted intestinal matter by “holding it”!


The SDCC is such a major success, they utilize their own cleaning crew. (Pictured above)

Now, I am not discouraging anyone from attending the San Diego Comic Con. If you were lucky enough to have gotten your badges through that [shitty] website they set up every March, and plunked down the thousands of dollars for airfare/lodging, I just want you to know what you are up against. But, question whether or not this should be an annual tradition for you or not: Will it be more stressful than fun? How often will you laugh and applaud? How often will you say “this is bullshit” or “awe come on”? Are you doing this because you have been going to these things for years? Are you doing this because it is the “in-thing”?

I have probably stated in earlier posts that I have been trying to get badges for almost 20 years now. They were difficult to get way back when. Now, it is impossible! Am I a glutton for punishment? Why do I keep doing this and failing year after year? I don’t see it as “failing”. I see it as accepting a challenge! I play the lottery. It is not that much different. For much longer than 20 years, I have been going to the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago (Rosemont, Illinois actually). There were a few years (late 90’s to mid 2000’s) where I would make the annual trek to the Creation Xena convention in L.A. and even before that, the Star Trek conventions when they came to town. I’ll admit, I missed a few of each of those due to unforeseen circumstances (illness, unemployment, moving, work schedule, etc.). But, when the tickets went on sale, I always got them! So, you really can’t say I fail every year.

Personally, I find the “smaller” conventions like Wizard World to be just about the same thing as San Diego, but a little more fan friendly, intimate and logistically organized. Did I mention there is a good chance of a major surprise guest showing up? It has happened! At the SDCC, the chance of surprise guests are very slim and rare.

Also, like I stated in an earlier post, you shouldn’t expect to see the likes of CNN, TMZ, E! News/red carpet, or Access Hollywood; At the very most, the local T.V. stations and the newspapers will do the reporting.

At Creation or Wizard, there are a good amount celebrity guests who tend to walk around freely, if schedule permits, and mingle with the fans without incident! At San Diego, they may hop on a private plane, sit on the panel for an hour, answer a few questions, and hop back on the private plane. Back to work. Nothing wrong with that! At the “smaller” cons, if a guest cannot make it-they cannot make it! We understand! Nobody is holding a gun to their heads!

What I am saying is this: San Diego has turned into a press, publicity and plug event rather than a comic book and fan convention. It has become exclusive and elitist like the Oscars or Emmy’s with people dressed as Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Doctor Who, Etc. instead of tuxes and gowns. The [real] fans have become lowest priority. I am sure there are those who had been attending the SDCC for a long time up until a few years ago because of what it has turned into and what they now have to go through to just get into the door! It’s just sad!

'nuff said, as Stan Lee would say.

See you in Chicago in August!


RethinkHomelessness asked our #homeless friends to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know just by walking past them. Their answers may surprise you.

Want to see buildings and other places you haven’t seen in years…or even decades?

I chose to post the file from soundcloud only, because the websites that are reporting this as a news story, seem to be sympathetic toward Comcast. Here is the description from the poster himself:

Please note: this conversation starts about 10 minutes in — by this point my wife and I are both completely flustered by the oppressiveness of the rep.

So! Last week my wife called to disconnect our service with Comcast after we switched to another provider (Astound). We were transferred to cancellations (aka “customer retention”).

The representative (name redacted) continued aggressively repeating his questions, despite the answers given, to the point where my wife became so visibly upset she handed me the phone. Overhearing the conversation, I knew this would not be very fun.

What I did not know is how oppressive this conversation would be. Within just a few minutes the representative had gotten so condescending and unhelpful I felt compelled to record the speakerphone conversation on my other phone.

This recording picks up roughly 10 minutes into the call, whereby she and I have already played along and given a myriad of reasons and explanations as to why we are canceling (which is why I simply stopped answering the rep’s repeated question — it was clear the only sufficient answer was “Okay, please don’t disconnect our service after all.”).

Please forgive the echoing and ratcheting sound, I was screwing together some speaker wires in an empty living room!


Representing the entire world, our final Criterion Cup contender is Night on Earth. Watch it for free today and we hope that you continue to explore the wide world of film!

One of the best films ever made! It is in my top 10…around #5!


Representing the entire world, our final Criterion Cup contender is Night on Earth. Watch it for free today and we hope that you continue to explore the wide world of film!

One of the best films ever made! It is in my top 10…around #5!


“I mean, it could’ve also been the string quartet that came out of nowhere while the guy dropped to one knee, but there’s no doubt in my mind it was something in that proposal.” 

Happy 4th. Of July! (or “Shameless Plug”)

As you may or may not have noticed, I made a slight update to my bio; I shortened the description and added an external link to my Stage 32 profile, which includes a quick demo if you scroll down toward the bottom of the page, click on Video/Audio.

More audio files will be added. So, visit often!

(NOTE: Copyright has to be ironed out before I can post anything! That way, no one steals it and claims it as their own! Mind you, I have the original files on my hard drive as well! So, put that lawyer away!)

So, on the birthday of this great nation, please remember:

And most importantly…

(I’m not being very subtle about the plugging thing, am I?)

Anyhoo…Happy Independence Day!


PDF: The Natural Enemy Of Grammar Nazis (Or; Script Editing Made More Difficult)

I have a little confession to make…

One of the other reasons I shy away from Facebook and Twitter is because I have a couple of compulsions that I cannot control and that is not very well liked in [today’s] society: I am a grammar and spelling nazi!

I do not know why people in this day and age get all pissy when you are only trying to help them out. I am not doing this to satisfy my ego like the golf “instructor” at this driving range I used to go to. Trust me, he was no instructor! He was just some guy who happened to be good(?) at golf and drinking beer; alcohol in-truth out…

DRUNK: “Hey, buddy!”

ME: “Yes, sir?”

DRUNK: “I’m sorry to have to spoil your little party here, but your swing is hurting my eyes! It just sucks!”

ME: “Well, I am a little rusty. I hadn’t picked up a club in a few months-” (It was one of the first warm days of spring)

DRUNK: “Well, it looks like you hadn’t picked up a club period! I’ve seen ninety year old women swing better than you! Jesus! It just hurts my eyes! I’m sorry! But, this is bothering the shit out me! I have to take action and show you how to swing it properly! I mean you just…Suck!”

ME: “Why are you getting nasty about this? That’s not really necessary!”

DRUNK: “I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m getting nasty. I’m just one of those people that are brutally honest! I have to say what’s on my mind! It has to come out! I’m trying to help you. Now, would you please let me show you how to at least hold the club properly?”

(At this point, I am smelling bullshit…and alcohol)

ME: “You want me to buy you a beer? Is that it?”

DRUNK: “No, no! Trust me! I’m a little fucked up, but I still know a bad swing when I see it.”

Remember that I Love Lucy episode? Let’s just say that Lucy had a better grip on the club than what that drunk showed me…

To make a long story short, I didn’t hit it any better and his friends had to come by and get him after what seemed to be an eternity (it was only a few minutes) of hearing him go on about how he had been golfing for over twenty years and that he was thinking of turning pro…

ONE OF THE GUY’S FRIENDS: “Time to go. I think you bothered these people long enough.”

Maybe I should have asked him about his PGA credentials?

I am a grammar/spelling nazi…But, I am not that bad!

You see, grammar and spelling is essential to any writing whether it is only going to be seen by one English Lit professor in a classroom, or millions of eyes around the world on an internet forum/social network.

When you call someone out or are brutally honest, that is not helping anyone except your own ego! It is just plain bullying! I would never stoop that low!

I just keep telling myself that we are human and we are allowed to make mistakes. Someone using “there” instead of “their” and vise-versa is a common mistake that anyone can make.

I used to go on a lot of forums and chat rooms in the late 90s/early 2000s. The most I would do to correct someone’s grammar is to just private message them the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”, or just be subtle about it. That’s it! Nothing like:

POSTER: “There coming too town next month!”

POSTER2: “You mean THEY’RE coming TO town! God! You are a fucking idiot! ! Where did you go to school? St. Retard’s school of special ed?”

I also lived by “not throwing stones” in my glass house.

For years, I would confuse “patients” with “patience”.

I still get confused about “it’s” and “its” sometimes and find myself Googling the difference between the two.


My friend sent me the script for the third episode of our series that we are working on. Now, I have known this gentleman for over 25 years. He’s got a hell of an imagination and is an excellent artist. But, his grammar and spelling are like that of someone using an old word processing program before the grammar and spell check were added!

I wish he had used Word! He has it on his PC!

He sent me a PDF file of the script saved from an old version Final Draft that he had gotten in school about 15 years ago! It has no spell check or grammar check, yet he insists on using it! I would say he’s better off using a typewriter ala Harlan Ellison, but his grammar and spelling is majorly screwed up!

Word has the same formatting as current versions of Final, and it has a spell/grammar check!

But, I cannot be mad or upset at the guy! I have no right to be! I am terrible at math…and keeping a stable relationship (don’t get me started again)! 

Man’s got to know his limitations…Or use a spell check or calculator!

I tried to copy and paste the text of the PDF to Word, but found that the text was all over the place. The script formatting didn’t even copy (his version of Final is that old)!

Therefore, I have a lot of work to do.

So, if you are going to write a screenplay or just a script for a television program, please do your script editor a favor and use either a newer version of script writing software or Microsoft Word!

Like I said, I have a lot of work to do.

So, what am I doing bitching and moaning about it on a blog?

beaufoxes said: So I've been wanting to go to SDCC for ages now, but it's not easy as I'm from Norway.. If things work out I may be able to go next year or the year after, but I'm not sure how the whole thing works, or what's worth a visit? Any tips would mean lots and lots!


Hey! My view of Comic-Con is a bit skewed. This year will be, I believe, my 10th trip to SDCC. I loved it at first…and 10 years ago it was quite different from the current state of affairs. And now, I like aspects of it, but I don’t think it’s a thing I’d do, personally, as a fan. There’s lots of waiting, TONS of crowds. That’s the big thing against it for me. But there’s SOOOO much to see. Even now I try to take a walk around the floor early in the morning or late in the show to see all the booths and stuff I won’t spend any money on because I have way too much cool crap. 

Have lots of water, lots of money, lots of patience, lots of energy. Go with friends and/or family. Don’t forget to eat. Don’t expect to see or do everything you want to. Prioritize. Bring deodorant and breath mints and hand sanitizer—beneficial for you and the folks you meet. Be polite and friendly to all the people. Don’t be creepy to cosplayers.

That’s about what comes to mind!



Thanks for all the Birthday wishes all, your presence is a lovely present! Goodbye Barcelona, going off the grid for a week, see you then! <3

Psst! Could someone wish that pretty lady a happy birthday for me? I’m kind of shy… ;)


Thanks for all the Birthday wishes all, your presence is a lovely present! Goodbye Barcelona, going off the grid for a week, see you then! <3

Psst! Could someone wish that pretty lady a happy birthday for me? I’m kind of shy… ;)